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What is Hexaquest?

Hexaquest game elements
Hexaquest takes a completely new approach to the much beloved Trivia genre. It is an incredibly easy game to learn with endless ways of customizing the game to your liking and with an amazing deep strategic approach to becoming the victor. 1500 fun and challenging questions in 6 diverse categories will keep players engaged for a long time. Players in Hexaquest don’t have to rely on luck alone to decide how hard a question will be and in which category. Risky choices will reap big rewards and can potentially win the game. No board, no dice, simplicity at its best!
Hexaquest game elements

When will Hexaquest be available for purchase?

Hexaquest is coming to Kickstarter in early 2021. We are working hard on the final details and we can assure you that the Kickstarter campaign will be worth the wait. We have some really amazing cards up our sleeves (pun intended) and various versions of Hexaquest will be available. Sign up for our newsletter below to stay updated.