DISC JOCKEY | Stand-alone Expansion Pack

Explore the world of mainstream music and music pop culture from the ’80s to today in this bumpin’ expansion pack!

All Hexaquest expansion packs can be played stand-alone or together with the base game.


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Are you ready to jam? Disc Jockey, the latest HexaQuest expansion pack, is here to take you on a musical adventure. Dive deep into the world of music, with trivia questions that span decades of iconic tunes, legendary artists, and unforgettable moments. This special edition, a tribute to our backers from the successful 2021 Kickstarter campaign, includes exclusive event and wall cards to enhance your gaming experience. Perfect for music buffs, Disc Jockey promises a harmonious blend of fun and knowledge.

All expansion packs include 50 cards with 250 questions and 10 additional hexagons.

Bonus content: The Disc Jockey expansion pack includes 6 additional wall hexagons as well as 7 event cards. These bonus items were part of the original Kickstarter campaign.

Recommended age rating: 16+
Play duration: 20 Minutes (when playing stand-alone)
Number of players: 2+

Components: 16 Hexagons, 57 cards with 250 questions


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