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Dive into the world of trivia with Hexaquest Deluxe, a comprehensive box set that brings together the second edition of the base game, all the latest expansion packs, and the exclusive Kickstarter stretch goals. Presented in a beautifully crafted box, it features a custom insert that neatly organizes each hexagon, ensuring a hassle-free setup every time.

⚠️ Parental Advisory: Some categories are not be suitable for children, please follow the age recommendations below!

14 Unique Categories!

Base Game Categories:
  • BACKPACKER | A world to explore. No place is too big or small. Geography. | Age: 14+
  • HISTORIAN | Our bookworm friend loves the old days. All about history. | Age: 14+
  • TREEHUGGER | Our favorite hippie enjoys animals and nature. | Age: 14+
  • GOURMET | Oui Monsieur. Fine dining and food for thought. | Age: 14+
  • MOVIEBUFF | Lights, camera, action! Explore the amazing world of film. | Age: 14+
  • WISEMAN | You better know it all because the Wiseman does. Anything goes. | Age: 14+
Expansion Categories:
  • PRODIGY | Move over mom and dad, this one's for the kids! | 7+
  • FANGIRL | Every comic book nerd’s dream. | 14+
  • GAMER | Puts even the most hardcore gamer's knowledge to the test. | 14+
  • WILD.ORG | Go WILD in the world of conservation | 14+
  • DISC JOCKEY | Your backstage pass to music trivia from the 80s to now | 14+
  • ROCKSTAR | An incredible journey into the world of classic rock.  | 16+
  • GOSSIP GIRL | Get scandalous and explore who's who! | 16+
  • DETECTIVE | Enter the gory world of true crime. Not for the faint of heart! | 21+


  • Rulebook
  • 700 Cards | Featuring 3,500 multiple-choice questions
  • 140 Hexagons | 10 for each category
  • 6 Wall Hexagons | Exclusive Kickstarter stretch goal
  • 7 Event Cards | Exclusive Kickstarter stretch goal
  • Oversize embroidered travel bag

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3 reviews for Hexaquest Deluxe (Limited stock now available!)

  1. Courtney De Barros

    Finally got Hexaquest to the table for the first time this weekend – and it was FANTASTIC!

    I can’t tell you how great it is to teach a game in 2mins. It’s quick and intuitive. 

    The components are great and the little hexes acting like poker chips on the table is a great little tactile interaction.

    Loved the diversity on the cards, we had each player pick a category they felt strong in and played with that. We also included the Prodigy deck (kids questions) which was actually a great little safety net for some ‘somewhat’ guaranteed points.

    We landed up homebrewing a “perfect answer rule’ where you could take a stab at an answer without hearing the options which would automatically bank the hex and you could go again – added another little push-your-luck element which we enjoyed.

    But the surprise element of delight for the game was the rotationasking vs answering the questions. As the answerer, we found ourselves taking through the logic of each of the possible answers like a Who Wants to be a Millionaire guest -it was great to hear how different people got to different answers – we had a few Slum dog Millionaire moments.

    Conversely, when asking the questions, you felt like the host asking people “is that your final answer”.

    Based on this I think we may even include a phone a friend lifeline – where we might try and call up a friend mid-game.

    The multiple-choice makes this feel like a less intimidating trivia game where you can guess your way through – which I like.

    Great game and would recommend for any one looking for a refreshing take on trivia game!

  2. Donovon & Jenna

    Met this crew at Origins Game Fair, totally off our radar doing into the show, ended up being a highlight of our con!
    This game shines where most other trivia games just haven’t with our groups. Everyone playing can pick categories they want to use so the game isn’t filled with questions that leave everyone feeling lost or unintelligent. The questions are modern and fun. The questions are multiple choice so everyone at least has a random shot of being right (when we play, we offer the chance to answer without choices for an extra point (using the card itself as the point) before reading the choices). Feeling unsure? Go for easy questions in any category! Feeling confident? Go for the harder questions in your category! And they are working on new categories to let you customize your game.
    It’s been a hit with friends, family, even our non-gamer parents 😉
    This game can find its place in just about any game group.
    And the crew behind it is such a joy.
    Definitely recommend.

  3. Rachel Bearde (verified owner)

    Hexaquest is an fantastic game loved by all of our family & friends!! Anyone can play and it’s easy to pick up. I had the original game and knew the deluxe version would be even more amazing!! 100% recommend this game to all.

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